The Festival of Arabic cinema in Ukraine in May 27-28, 2015

The Festival of Arabic Cinema in Ukraine is an annual screenings of feature films. The first edition of the festival will take place in May 27-28, 2015. A new showcase of Arab films and filmmakers aimed at promoting Arab contemporary culture in Ukraine as well as strengthening and developing cultural connection between Ukraine and countries of the Middle East. Each of 4 participating countries from the MENA region will be presenting 1-2 films in the course of the Festival.

Under the auspices
Embassy of Republic Lebanon in Ukraine
Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ukraine
Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ukraine

The festival is supported by:
– Lebanese Information and Cultural Centre;
– Cultural center “Cinema” Kiev”;
– Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines («UM Air»);
– Restaurant “BEIRUT”;
– Restaurant “SHAM”;
– Modeling agency “FASHION LIFE GROUP”;
– TV project talent show “ZІRKAFEST”;
– International literary competition “The Coronation of the word”.

Media partners of the Festival “Days of Arab Cinema in Ukraine”:
– “News One” – Ukrainian news channel;
– “Channel 5” – the first Ukrainian news channel;
– «UAAN TV» – the Ukrainian-Arab television station;
– “Ukraine in Arabic” – information portal;
– “Culture” – Ukrainian TV Channel;
– “Oksamyt” – Ukrainian newsmagazine;
– “UMMA inform” – the first Ukrainian Islamic News Agency;
– “Dipcomment Kiev” – Independent expert community of Ukraine.

Guests of the event were the ambassadors of the Arab countries, businessmen, politicians, Ukrainian filmmakers and artists.
Special guests at the festival came – Lebanese actor Hassan Mrad (he played in the movie “Stable Unstable”), Lebanese filmmaker Bahij HOJEIJ (his film “Here comes the rain” was presented at the “Festival of the Lebanese cinema” in honor of the 70th anniversary of the independence of Lebanon in 2013 year), as well as a guest, Fatima Al-Haseyman of the Office for Film at the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature of Kuwait.

Before guests were treated to sessions of the Arab national cuisine and drinks.


May 27th

16:00 Meeting guests. Interview for the press. TV recording the opening of the event. A solemn reception guests. Accompanied by beautiful girls they walk the red carpet through a column of drummers. Celebration banquet.
Meeting guests from Lebanon Hasan Murat, Bagij Khogeg, and from Kuwait Fatima Al-Haseyman.

16:30 the official opening of «DAYS OF THE ARAB CINEMA IN UKRAINE», performance of official representatives:
– Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine;
– Ambassador of the State of Kuwait;
– Director of “Alpha Studios production”.
– Festive performance of Ukrainian childrens’ groups: singing, dancing, theatrical performance.

17:10 Film “Studio”, 2012
Production: Sudan, UAE
Duration: 8 min.
Genre: Short documentary
Written by: Mohamed Al-Hammady
Director by: Amjad Abu Ala

17:20 Film «Ghadi», 2013
Production: Lebanon
Duration: 100 min.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Written by: Georges Khabbaz
Director by: Amin Dora

19:00 Film «Jasmenco», 2013
Production: Syria
Duration: 8 min.
Genre: Short documentary
Author/Director by: Salman Vazek

19:15 Film «Kanrefeeji», 2014
Production: Kuwait
Duration: 100 min.
Genre: Drama
Written by: Yarub Burhama
Director: Ahmad AlKhalaf
Stars: Khaled Al Braiki, Faisal Al Ameeri, Abdulmohsen Al Qaffas, Fatma Al Saffi and Maram.

21:00 Film «Ladder to Damascus», 2013
Production: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon
Duration: 95 min.
Genre: Drama, Romance
Written by: Mohamed Malas, Samer Mohamad Ismail
Director by: Mohamed Malas
Stars: Gianna Aanid, Izzat Abou Jabal, Hussein Al Shazli

May 28th

15:00 Short films.
Production: Kuwait
Total: 90 minutes.
“Water Paradise”, directed by Abdul Boushahri
“Carpet”, directed by Sadeq Behbehani
“Dinosaur”, director Mekded Al-Kut
and others.

17:00 Film «Catharsis: Self Portrait», 2013
Production: Egypt
Duration: 7 min.
Genre: Short documentary
Author/Director: Ayman Alia

17:10 Film «They are the dogs», 2013
Production: Morocco, France
Duration: 85 min.
Genre: Drama
Author/Director by: Lars Hysham
Stars: Ben Hassan Badida, Yahya El Fuandi

19:00 Film «Sing your song», 2011
Production: Iraq
Duration: 15 min.
Genre: Short documentary
Author/Director by: Omar Falah

19:10 Film «Stable Unstable», 2013
Production: Lebanon, Qatar
Duration: 87 min.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Author/Director by: Mahmoud Hozhezh
Stars: Camille Salaam, Fadi Abi cAMP, Abu Nada, Hassan Mrad.