“Lebanese, Morrocan, Palestinian films day in Ukraine” in June 20, Octobre 20, 2016

In June 20, 2016, and October 20, 2016 we organized “Lebanese film day in Ukraine” and “Morrocan and Palestinian films day in Ukraine” under the auspices Embassy of Republic Lebanon in Ukraine, Embassy of the State of Palestina in Ukraine, Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ukraine. The festival aims to identify and promote talented works of cinema that reflect the ethnic diversity of the modern world, the ways of co-existence of different peoples in terms of world globalization, humanistic message of protection for cultural and historical identity of other people in the natural communication of cultural and historical uniqueness of a people. Organizers presented 1 films in the course of the Festival from next countries: Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco.

Film «Rock the Casbah» (Laïla Marrakchi), 2013, Marocco, France
The whole family is reunited when Sofia comes back for his father’s funeral. Quickly, inner problems are revealed.

Film «Pomegranates and myrrh» (NAJWA NAJJAR), 2009, Palestin
A woman finds herself torn by her feelings for two different men in this drama from the Palestinian Territories. Kamar (Yasmine Elmasri) is an talented dancer who has fallen in love with Zaid (Ashraf Farah), who (like her) is a Christian of Palestinian heritage. Kamar and Zaid are wed, but their honeymoon is short lived when he’s arrested by Israeli forces for refusing to give up land in the occupied territories. As Zaid is sent to prison, Kamar gets a job teaching folk dancing while doing what she can to be supportive for her husband. As much as she loves Zaid, Kamar has a hard time dealing with her loneliness, and when Kais (Ali Sliman), a handsome dancer, begins working at the dance studio after a sojourn in Lebanon, she can’t help but notice his good looks and charm. Kais is clearly attracted to Kamar, and she has to choose between her loyalty to a man behind bars and someone who can give her the love she needs. The first feature film from writer and director Najwa Najjar, Pomegranates and Myrrh received its American premiere at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Film «Heritages» (Philippe Aractingi), 2014, Lebanon
As he flees Lebanon again in July 2006, director Philippe Aractingi realizes that, like him, his ancestors have been fleeing wars and massacres for five generations. In a fresco where photos, archives and home videos of his children subtly interact, he tells the story of his family’s travels through the Levant. Heritages (Mirath) is a film about exile, memory and transmission, filled with emotion and honesty.