Over the years of the Company’s activities many projects has been realized, out them most notable are:

1) In cooperation with the “INTER” TV channel in 2010 was made ​​a documentary film “In Search of the Ark”. Written and directed by Ivan Kravchishin, producers Dmitry Ovechkin, Ghassan El Goseyni .

The film tells how the idea of ​​”The Mirdada Book” – work of the great Lebanese philosopher Mikhail Naimi – is present in our lives: how to use this knowledge in daily lives, and with its help to overcome difficult situations and trials.

“The Mirdada Book” is written by a classic of modern Arabic literature Mikhail Naimi, impresses with its depth. It’s about this book the famous Indian philosopher, the founder of the mystical teachings of Osho said: “Millions of people have written books, trying to express the inexpressible, but they all failed. I know the only one book, “The Mirdada Book” in which it was possible.” Legend, philosophy and poetry have magically intertwined in this extraordinary book.

In 2011 “In Search of the Ark” film has won the top prize of “Golden Cedar” at the International Festival in Beirut (Lebanon).

2) In 2012 together with «Film.ua» Company on request of “TV- 3” (Russia) TV channel was made ​​a documentary scientific-research project “Caution, telegonia!” (script: Sergei Bratishko, director: Ruslan Panasiuc , producers: Dmitry Ovechkin, Ghassan El Goseyni).

3) In 2011-2012 together with the “Glas” TV channel company was engaged in the production of cycle of documentary films about Christianity in Lebanon.

Talented Ukrainian directors and screenwriters participated in the work of the films.

4) A significant contribution was made by experts of the Company in 2008 in collaboration with the “Stozhary” producer agency  in  “James  Mace’s Candle” documentary (written and directed by Natalia Sushcheva, producer Dmitry Ovechkin) commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine. The film is dedicated to the memory of the American historian, researcher of the Famine in 1933 in Ukraine.

5) In 2010 the Company specialists organized in Ukraine filming of music video of starting Tunisian singer for the international project “Academy of Stars”.

In September, 2013 were the host and the organizers of the meeting of known Lebanese scientist Dr. Suhail Farah, who for decades is developing the theme of Islamic-Christian dialogue and partnership of civilizations with the scientific community in Ukraine and all over the world.